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13 x 19 paper in White Bond, Matte, and Gloss

13x19 Paper ("super B" paper)...

...13x19 papers in several paper and media types for inkjet printing

[For laser printers, refer to the next table lower on this page.]

The super B paper size is used on wide format inkjet printers for a range of applications including inexpensive draft prints to detailed, color accurate prints, brochures and posters.
ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond CAD Paper 24 lb13x19200164-1319$37.25
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 39 lb13x19100166-1319$44.25
Bright White Inkjet Paper 47 lb13x19100162-1319$47.65
Bright White Bond Inkjet Heavyweight Paper 58 lb13x19100168-1319$50.90
Premium Matte Inkjet Paper 1 sided13x19100176-1319$49.95
High Gloss Photographic Inkjet Paper 68lb13x19100182-1319-100$198.50
High Gloss Photographic Inkjet Paper 68lb13x1950182-1319-50$119.00
Parchment Paper NATURAL13x19100112N-1319$46.95
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.13x1950101-1319$93.75
Parchment Paper AGED13x19100112A-1319$46.95
Clear Transparencies for Inkjet Printers13x1910175-1319$41.75
Clear Transparencies for Inkjet Printers13x1950175B-1319$154.90

The 13x19 papers above are conditioned for inkjet printers and have been tested specifically on HP wide format printers (HP cp1700, HP1220C, and HP 2600). We have satisfied customers who use these papers for Epson, Canon, and other brands of machines as well.

13" wide flat-sheet banner paper is also available, in addition to 13" wide continuous roll paper.

For Laser and Color Laser Printers...
...the 13x19 paper size in 24 lb. bond

Traditionally an inkjet printer paper size, 13x19 paper is used occasionally on laser printers for similar applications. To accommodate this, super B in 24lb. bright white bond is now part of our standard paper sizes for laser printers.

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 24lb.13x19200264-1319$37.25
Parchment Paper AGED13x19100212A-1319$46.95
Parchment Paper NATURAL13x19100212N-1319$46.95
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Further product details...
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