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D size 24 x 36

24 x 36 paper for Inkjet Plotters

...Architectural "D" size paper
    See also 22"x34": Engineering D Size
"D" size paper for architectural design applications refers to 24" x 36" paper. Opaque Bond, Translucent Bond, and Vellum as listed below are compatible with monochrome inkjet plotter applications.  

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bond Plotter Paper, non glossy24x361009280-0759$56.85
Translucent Inkjet Bond, 18-lb24x36100C3896A$42.50
Plotter Vellum 17-lb. 100% Rag24x36100C2823A$107.65
Plotter Vellum 20-lb/100% Rag24x36100C3866A$121.15

Proven performance... In addition to 24 x 36 paper, these plotter papers are available in a wide range of sizes including engineering and architectural paper sizes.
These are proven performance papers which our customers have relied on for their monochrome plotting applications on inkjet plotters.