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24 x 36 Paper
...Architectural D Size Paper
for Inkjet and Pen Plotters

 Plotter Paper Cross-Reference chart
for Architectural D Size Paper, 24 x 36 paper


 Related:  Engineering Size "D", 22 x 34  D size paper

24 x 36 paper for Inkjet and Pen Plotters...
 ...Architectural "D" size paper

"D" size paper for architectural design applications refers to 24" x 36" paper. Opaque Bond, Translucent Bond, and Vellum as listed below are compatible with pen plotters and monochrome inkjet plotter applications. 

Plotter Paper product table is below:
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24 x 36 paper

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Paper / Media Type


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Item No.

 Plotter Paper

Architectural D size, 24 x 36 paper 

 Bond, 24 lb, 92 Bright


100 sheets




 Translucent Bond, 18 lb


100 sheets




 Vellum, 17 lb


100 sheets




 Vellum, 20 lb


100 sheets





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Proven performance plotter paper 24 x 36...

In addition to 24 x 36 paper, these plotter papers are available in a wide range of sizes including engineering and architectural paper sizes. See the navigation bar at left or refer to the details of each product by following the links in the table above.

These are proven performance papers which our customers have relied on for their monochrome plotting applications (on inkjet plotters) or for traditional pen plotting.  Each one of these products was designed to replace the discontinued line of HP pen plotter paper with an equivalent or better paper.  A full range of sizes is available.


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Terminology: architectural D size paper refers to a classification of paper sizes most often used in pen plotters and inkjet plotters.  Size "D" is 24 x 36 paper, measured in inches.