A4 Paper Size

A4 Paper is a standardized paper size established by the International Standards Organization.  The paper dimensions are 210 x 297 mm.  Throughout Europe and the world A4 is the close equivalent to U.S. letter size (8.5" x 11"), but measuring 8.27 x 11.69 inches. 

A4 Paper Size and Other ISO Sizes... 

A4 Paper is the most commonly requested ISO (International Standards Organization) size by American businessesand individuals for maintaining a professional image through communications with European, Asian, and other worldwide businesses.  These sizes are standard worldwide.

297 mm 
(11.69 inches)


ISO papers such as A3 paper, A4 paper, and A5

210 mm (8.27 inches)

paper are readily available internationally, however, 
they are less easily found in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Philippines.  This situation may continue until business globalization in these areas reaches critical mass and demand for A4 paper and other ISO sizes is much greater.

Availability in the United States

Name-brand manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard provide the A4 paper size across a selection of inkjet paper, laser paper, and color laser paper products, but these are primarily marketed overseas, which makes it difficult to procure these name-brand products in the U.S. without additional shipping expense.

The A4 paper size and other general-purpose ISO paper sizes, such as A3 and A5, are hard-to-find sizes in the United States (i.e. not typically available in local office supply stores).  These paper sizes are included in the papers we specialize in for the U.S. market.  

Bright white Uncoated Paper:

The following product pages list options for inkjet/laser/color laser/copier papers in sizes A3, A4, and A5:
Inkjet Paper, high-quality uncoated bond available in a range of thicknesses (weights)
Laser Paper, comparable equivalent to HP Color Laser Paper & HP LaserJet Paper

Listings by paper size:

In addition to the uncoated bright white printer paper options, much of our entire range of products are available in A4 paper and a full range of other sizes.  Refer to:
A4 Paper chart, a cross-reference of all products available in the A4 paper size
Other sizes: A3 Paper chart and A5 Paper chart