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Since 1982

Collated, multi-part invoice paper

Pre-collated Multi-Part colored laser paper
for Blank Invoices, etc. direct from
your Laser or Color Laser Printer



Related product:  Laser Carbonless Paper


Collated Colored Laser Paper
Forms On-Demand...flexible, faster, instant forms

Multi-Part Colored Laser Paper
 ... blank “invoice forms” in 2-part, 3-part, 4-part, or 5-part


2 to 5-part  ·    Colored Collated Sheets
·   Laser Finish
20 lb. Bond 
·  8.5" x 11"



This colored laser paper is collated for 2-part, 3-part, 4-part, or 5-part invoice or forms printing in colors matching standard carbonless paper forms.

2-part contains white/yellow, loose sheets repeating throughout the ream.
3-part contains white/yellow/pink, repeating.
4-part contains white/yellow/pink/gold, repeating.
5-part contains white/green/yellow/pink/gold, repeating.

This is not a carbonless product (i.e. handwriting does not transfer through from one page to the next).  It is collated color-coded sheets of regular bond which correspond to the same color coding in a multi-part carbonless form.  The sets are not sealed at the top.  One ream (i.e. one package) contains loose, collated sheets throughout the ream.

Each ream contains 500 sheets of collated bond paper.  The number of sets in one ream depends on whether you are using 2, 3, 4, or 5-part.  Refer to the pricing table below.

Multi-part Collated, Colored Laser Paper

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   Item Description, and # of Sets

Total Price

Price Shopping

Item #

per Pkg.

per Set


250 sets (500 sheets)





   Discount rate:  2500 sets, 10 packages





   Discount rate:  7500 sets, 30 pkgs.












167 sets (500 sheets)





   Discount rate:  1670 sets, 10 packages





   Discount rate:  5010 sets, 30 pkgs.












125 sets (500 sheets)





   Discount rate:  1250 sets, 10 packages





   Discount rate:  3750 sets, 30 pkgs.












100 sets (500 sheets)





   Discount rate:  1000 sets, 10 packages





   Discount rate:  3000 sets, 30 pkgs.






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If you do not need the write-through capability of carbonless forms, then this product may be useful as a less-expensive replacement which offers fewer hassles on a better quality paper.  This product increases feed performance and reliability in your printer because it is a standard 20 lb. bond paper, in contrast to chemical-coated carbonless paper.

NOTES:  Converting Dot Matrix or Hand-Written invoices to collated, colored laser paper...

Traditional carbonless forms may become unnecessary when converting to laser-printed invoices since the laser printer now prints the entire form PLUS the data for each particular invoice.  In many cases the write-through properties of the carbonless paper are no longer needed.

Instead of relying on traditional carbonless forms made from a print shop, you can instantly produce the same number of color-coded copies one page at a time directly on your laser printer when using our 2-part or 3-part collated colored bond.

What about the signature? 

In cases where signatures or other hand-written data still needs to show on all copies of a form, this laser printer approach may not be ideal for your business.  But proof-of-receipt signatures, etc.,
usually only need to be retained on file on the top copy--your company's copy--which makes this approach feasible.

Job done better:  Your laser printer can produce each multi-part invoice directly onto collated colored bond in less time with professional-looking results while maintaining the signature on file with the top copy alone.

Most items ship same day if ordered by 2PM CT.
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call us toll free, use our fax order form, or email us today.

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Our products provide you with proven and effective paper choices. 
We guarantee they will perform to your satisfaction!

- Doing business based on trust since 1982. -


Note: This colored laser paper product is a high-quality bond for long-term, optimum print performance and feed reliability.  It is an excellent modern day alternative to using carbonless forms for common invoice recordkeeping needs when used in conjunction with computerized data entry.  Also inkjet-compatible.