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Since 1982

Soft Gloss, 40 lb
...Achieve a *Stand-Out* Appearance
...Create a Professional Impression
...Heat-Resilient Soft Gloss Finish

 A Lighter Weight, Two-Sided Glossy Laser Paper in a Soft-Gloss Finish; Professional Brochure Paper


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40 lb. Soft Gloss (2-sided)...
 ... Heat-Resilient Coating that Holds Up to Professional Color Laser Printers
 ... Sizes: 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, 12x18, A3, A4, and A5


95 Brightness  ·   Subtle-Gloss  ·   Smooth Laser Finish
5.2 mil Thickness 
·   40 lb. Weight Paper   ·   2-Sided   ·   Acid Free


40 lb. Soft Gloss (2-sided)

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Create a Professional Impression...

Soft Gloss 40lb. is a subtle glossy laser paper for creating your own in-house brochures and newsletters with results comparable to a professional print service.   

NEW!  This is a new upgraded paper, now even brighter (replacing item #255).

What this paper achieves: 
Your documents will stand out far above prints on uncoated papers.   Applications include brochures, newsletters and documents which do not require a photo-gloss appearance, but must make a
professional impression above and beyond standard bright white laser paper. 

NOTE: A slightly glossier version of this product is available.  For details, see Laser Gloss, which is particularly appropriate for brochures and advertising when a professional magazine-like appearance is desired.

Compatible with Color Laser Printers...
The soft gloss coating is proven to be effective and reliable when used in both laser and color laser printers.  The coating will not melt in your professional-grade color laser printer.

MORE Glossy Laser Paper Choices...

Heavier Soft Gloss:

Soft gloss is also available in a one-sided, heavier 58 lb. soft gloss paper for use as covers and single-sided presentation documents.

Glossy Laser Paper:
For a truly glossier sheen (similar to the appearance of magazine pages) see 32 lb. Laser Gloss.  Also available is a heavier 58 lb. Laser Gloss.

Photo Gloss Paper:
For a Photographic Gloss appearance, refer to photo laser paper.

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Note: our Soft Gloss is a high performance glossy laser paper suitable for most laser and color laser printers.  It has been tested in a variety of lasers, notably including the HP 5500, 8550, 8500, 4600, 4550, and 4500 series of color laser printers.  This product is compatible with laser and color laser printers.