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Since 1982

”Ruff ‘N Tuff”
...Tear-resistant paper
...Water-Resistant paper

...Grease/Grime Resistant

Super-Strong, Non-Tear Paper with
a Realistic Paper-Like Feel



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“Ruff N Tuff ” Non-Tear Paper...

  ... A Technological Breakthrough:  Real Paper as Strong as Plastic
 ... Sizes:  8˝x11, 8˝x14, 11x17, 12x18, A3, A4
 ... This product is inkjet / laser /copier compatible


Durable, Non-Tear ·  Water & Grease Resistant
27 lb. Weight 
·   Acid Free  ·   Neutral ph
Smooth Finish 
· 95 Brightness



Real Paper as Strong as Plastic...

Safeguard your important documents
on a durable paper that is indistinguishable from normal fiber-based paper.  This non-tear paper is uncoated and does not feel like plastic.  It is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.

“Ruff ‘N Tuff” for Laser & Inkjet Printers

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8.5 x 11

50 sheets




8.5 x 14

50 sheets




11 x 17

50 sheets




12 x 18

50 sheets




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 *“Ruff ‘N Tuff” is also available in A3 and A4 sizes.

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Easy to use. 

“Ruff ‘N Tuff” non-tear paper does not compromise printing quality and feeding performance, so it is as easy to use as traditional fiber-based paper. 

Super strength.

It has a triple-layered composition, with a plastic-based inner layer for tear resistance.  Ruff N Tuff is an excellent tear resistant paper.

High Performance Layers.

In addition to the inner strengthening layer of Ruff N Tuff, the outer two layers are chemically treated to allow each sheet to maintain very high print quality and a very high reliability in the feeding mechanisms of today's personal computer printers.

Environmental Resilience.

The chemical treatments of the outer layers are the secret to the water resistance and grease resistance which Ruff N Tuff provides for your documents.  Ideal for protecting outdoor documents against incidental exposure to water, dirt.

Combined with the enhanced tear-resistance of the inner, plastic layer, Ruff N Tuff is a well-rounded enhanced paper effective for a wide range of applications.

Applications for use.

Ruff N Tuff is excellent for enhancing the longevity and resilience of important records, outdoor documents (for incidental exposure), heavily-used reference sheets and checklists, maps, menus, tags, and more.  Also recommended for applications where folding is required.

For documents intended to be laminated, such as id cards, we recommend Power Paper which provides a far greater lamination bonding strength.   

Special Applications...

3-hole punched manuals in 3-ring binders (and other formats). 
Hands-on 3-ring binder testing shows Ruff N Tuff paper is several times stronger than normal 3-hole punched binder paper.   It is not designed specifically to counteract pullout from ring binders like that of hole-reinforced papers which typically use a mylar strip to strengthen the holes.  However, Ruff N Tuff is far superior in strength and will not tear as easily from a binder as 24 lb. hole-punched copy paper.


Ruff N Tuff Gloss Cover, a non-tear, water-resistant glossy cover stock.
Power Paper, a tear resistant, waterproof paper.
Power Paper Adhesive, an outdoor self-adhesive paper.


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Our products provide you with proven and effective paper choices. 
We guarantee they will perform to your satisfaction!

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Note: “Ruff N’ Tuff” non-tear paper is a high performance paper suitable for inkjet, laser and color laser printers.  For laser printing, it has been tested in a variety of laser printers, notably the HP 5500, 8550, 8500, 4600, 4550, and 4500 series of color laser printers.