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Legal Size Paper for Inkjet, Laser, and Color Laser Printers

 8 1/2" x 14" Legal Size Paper...

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14 inches

For all papers available in legal size, refer the tables below for inkjet and laser/copier papers (or use the quick navigation links above to go to a table).  

Legal size paper is used for applications such as brochures and legal documents.  It is a standardized paper size (English measurement system) in the United States and in other countries which still rely on English-based paper sizes.  The legal size paper dimensions are 8.5-inches by 14-inches.

8.5 inches 


Paper Selection for Creating Brochures 

For general-purpose business brochures, including tri-fold or bi-fold brochures (lead-generation and advertising), a glossy brochure paper is recommended to create a professionally-printed appearance.  An alternative is uncoated, bright white bond which is also acceptable for less expensive, practical-purpose brochures such as price lists, and inexpensive, mass-mailing flyers, etc. 

Legal Size Documents (ex: Contracts, Loan Agreements, etc.)

A general-purpose legal size paper is also available for other applications in business or the legal or accounting professions (or for any situation where more information at-a-glance per sheet is desired).  Refer to 24 lb. uncoated, bright white bond in the product tables on this page.  

Graytex 24 lb. Bright White Bond is a smooth finish, high brightness bond, designed to feed reliably through today's commonly used business machines, compatible with inkjet/laser printers, copiers, and fax machines. 

Additional paper types are also available in legal size paper as listed in these product cross-reference tables for the 8.5" x 14" paper size... 

Inkjet and Laser product tables follow below:

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For Inkjet Printers...

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 24 lb8.5x14200164-8514$25.80
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 39 lb8.5x14200166-8514$54.95
Bright White Inkjet Paper 47 lb8.5x14100162-8514$31.90
Bright White Bond Inkjet Heavyweight Paper 58 lb8.5x14100168-8514$33.78
Premium Matte Inkjet Paper 1 sided8.5x14100176-8514$31.35
HP Gloss Brochure/Flyer Paper8.5x14100179-8514-100$57.40
High Gloss Photographic Inkjet Paper 68lb8.5x1450182-8514$58.85
Parchment Paper NATURAL8.5x14100112N-8514$29.95
Parchment Paper AGED8.5x14100112A-8514$29.95
Clear Transparencies for Inkjet Printers8.5x1410175-8514$27.70
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x14100104-8514-100$144.80
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack8.5x1415104-8514-15$33.30
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x1450104-8514-50$96.50

For Laser / Color Laser Printers...
ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
HP Premium Choice LaserJet8.5x14250245-8514$31.95
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 24lb.8.5x14200264-8514$25.80
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 39lb.8.5x14200266-8514$54.95
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 47lb.8.5x14100262-8514$31.90
Bright White Bond Laser Paper Heavyweight 58lb8.5x14100268-8514$33.78
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.8.5x1450101-8514$36.55
Soft Gloss Laser Paper 40-lb. 8.5x14100295-8514$37.75
Soft Gloss Laser Paper Heavywt 58-lb. 8.5x1450298-8514$35.95
Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss8.5x14100250-8514$37.75
Laser Paper, 58-lb. Gloss Heavyweight8.5x1450251-8514$33.00
Laser Paper 58# Premium High Gloss Heavyweight8.5x1450238-8514$31.95
Parchment Paper NATURAL8.5x14100212N-8514$29.95
Parchment Paper AGED8.5x14100212A-8514$29.95
Color Laser Transparencies 8.5x1450235-8514$93.25
Power Paper Laser8.5x14100204-8514-100$99.50
Power Paper Laser Trial Pack8.5x1415204-8514-15$25.50
Power Paper Laser8.5x1450204-8514-50$67.90

Further product details...
In addition to the legal size paper listings above most of these products are also available in other standard sizes, including some International A size papers on select items.  Additionally, some extended paper sizes are available for certain applications. Follow the links in the tables above for specific product details and to see the full range of paper sizes available.  

For other standard office sizes, see letter size paper and 11 x 17 paper (also known as ledger paper).

You may also go straight to our categories of inkjet papers, or the papers 
designed for laser and color laser printers.  

Terminology: 8 1/2" x 14" paper is also known as legal size paper, or "legal."