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Parchment Paper Stationary, Aged and Natural colors
compatible with inkjet and laser printers and copiers


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Inkjet Parchment Paper Stationary...
 NOTE: Laser Parchment Paper is available at laser parchment paper stationary

 ... ideal for letters, invitations, menus, and more
 ... letter and legal size paper with matching envelopes

· Available in antique-looking Natural or Aged colors
· 32 lb. weight (luxurious-grade paper thickness)
· Two-Sided  · Acid Free



A modern manufacturing technique mimics the original look of the ancient animal skin paper-making process in these two varieties of Olde World Parchment Paper Stationary.  Convey a theme of antiquity and importance with this fun and traditional look.

Parchment envelopes:  matching #10 envelopes (standard letter size envelopes) are available below for use with either letter or legal size paper.

Applications:  parchment paper stationary can be used for menus, letters, invitations, and creative writing:  calligraphy writing, poetry, and similar creative projects.

Natural is off-white; Aged version is a darker, tan color.



Inkjet Olde World Parchment Paper Stationary

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Sheets / Pkg.

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8.5 x 11

100 sheets



     Natural or  Aged

8.5 x 14

100 sheets



     Natural or  Aged

#10 Envelopes

100 envelopes



     Natural or  Aged

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When creating documents to be printed on Olde World Parchment Paper, choose fonts which resemble calligraphy, handwriting or olde world typestyles.  Examples include Zapf Chancery, Olde English, and Commercial Script. 

Windows fonts:  Edwardian Script, Bookman Old Style, or other script fonts.

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Note: Olde World Parchment Paper Stationary is available in Inkjet and Laser varieties.  Color laser compatible.  * "Stationary" paper is a common misspelling of paper stationery (spelled with an 'e').