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Power Paper: Self-
Adhesive Inkjet Paper

...Waterproof, Tear-Resistant Paper
...Adhesive-backed Paper

Waterproof Inkjet Label Paper



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Power Paper, Self-Adhesive Inkjet Paper...
 ...Top-of-the-line Waterproof Paper with a self-adhesive backing


Waterproof Inkjet Coating    Chemical & Tear-Resistant
Prints Easily 
   Label-backing    Durable, Non-Tear   
10 mil  
  Single-Layer Uncoated Film 



"Power Paper" Self-Adhesive Inkjet Paper

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Power Paper Self-Adhesive is a synthetic, waterproof paper combined with an adhesive back for making labels, stickers, stick-on signs and similar applications. 
The inkjet coating is designed to absorb dye-based inks and improve resistance to water, even on standard inkjet printers which are not designed for this purpose.

Waterproof results are possible, even for non-waterproof inks (on standard inkjet printers using dye-based inks), but results will vary.  We have seen impressive results with this self-adhesive inkjet paper, which adds a convenient labeling capability to the tear-resistant and waterproof benefits of the original Power Paper. 

We recommend purchasing a trial pack for testing on your printer before committing your project to a larger quantity.

More information on Power Paper...  

"Power Paper" is the ideal synthetic paper for many applications because of its combination of
extraordinary durability and exceptional print capability.  It is a tough, waterproof paper used for laminated cards, tags, labels, maps, menus, and outdoor signs and has a 10-year track record making security documents.

For full information on Power Paper's benefits and features, go to the regular Power Paper product page to review its full list of synthetic, waterproof paper benefits.

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