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13 x 19 paper, known as "Super B Paper" serves a variety of engineering and design applications on wide format inkjet printers.   It is not readily available in typical office supply outlets or retail paper houses, because it is a special-purpose or application-specific paper size.

Super B Paper,
   for wide-format inkjet printers...

13 x 19 paper is available in 24 lb. Bright White Bond, appropriate for creating inexpensive drafts, high-volume printing, or long-term daily use.  Bright white is also available in heavier,more durable weights, up to 58 lb., which are appropriate for frequently-handled documents or prints intended to be on display or used as inexpensive reference posters (charts, graphs, etc).

How to expand your paper options,
   Cost-Effective Presentation Paper

Presentation-quality super B paper is available in gloss, but an over-looked alternative ismatte-coated paper, a very sensible choice for presentations.  The cost per sheet is far less than the jump required to upgrade to photo-gloss, and the "wow" factor gained is undeniable.  At a glance, matte paper is not visibly different than standard bright white. The presentation impact is achieved in the print result when compared to standard white. 
 Make an Eye-Popping Impression...
The effects of a matte-finish are clearly visible because of the dramatic increase in color intensity and the enhanced accuracy of the print (1440DPI on a matte-coated super B paper).  This is far beyond anything capable with a presentation of your work on an uncoated white bond.  

But, if you will not compromise...
To make the strongest professional impression or for the maximum "wow" effect on color prints, photo-gloss super B paper is still the king for spectacular presentations.  Also appropriate for photo reproduction.  

Papers available include HP Proofing Gloss, for absolute reliance on the HP standard, andHP Premium Photo-Gloss, for making photographic-quality prints. Refer to the product listing for these coated 13 x 19 papers.