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Water-Resistant Paper
 Article: Paper Selections

Discussion topic
: Water-Resistant Paper Options for
inkjet, laser, and color laser printers

Ruff N' Tuff, a Water-Resistant Paper for inkjet & Laser printers, a paper-realistic synthetic hybrid
Power Paper, a Waterproof Paper for inkjet & Laser printers
Power Paper Self-Adhesive Inkjet Paper, and Laser Self-Adhesive Paper (waterproof)

Water-resistant paper refers to synthetic papers and media, often plastic-based, that are designed to withstand incidental or light contact with water for use in wet or outdoor environments. Water-resistant papers will survive light contact with water, but true insurance against water damage is only provided by synthetic waterproof papers.

Water-Resistant Paper Options...

Synthetic papers have introduced water-resistance as an option for inkjet and laser printers.  Refer to the synthetic papers article for a synthetic paper overview.

A Water-Resistant Paper that Looks Like Real Paper

Ruff 'N Tuff paper is a non-tear synthetic hybrid with the unique advantages of providing water-resistance in a synthetic paper that feels and prints like real (fiber-based) paper.  It is a star in our product line because it the economical alternative to the more expensive, but more robust waterproof synthetic papers available.  

Ruff 'N Tuff will survive light contact with water, but it is abrasion sensitive when wet like a fiber-based paper because the outer layers are fiber-based.  Contact with pencil erasers, scratching, and so on when the paper is wet will disrupt the fiber layer like normal paper.  But the ink/toner will remain intact.

For outdoor maps and work documents which are susceptible to occasionally damp conditions, Ruff 'N Tuff is a durable, water-resistant paper that is more than adequate.  But if you want your documents to survive "a driving rain at 4 in the morning" or a serious dunk in the lake from your fishing boat, refer to the waterproof options in the section below.

For Ruff 'N Tuff product details, refer to the Ruff 'N Tuff inkjet or laser pages.

WATERPROOF PAPERS:  Beyond Water-Resistant Paper   

Power Paper...
   for inkjet, laser, and color laser printers

As the name suggests Power Paper is for powerhouse applications demanding waterproof insurance against heavy water contact.  It is engineered for optimum performance under severe conditions.  Beyond a water-resistant paper, it is truly waterproof.  In addition, it exhibits exceptional tear-resistance and chemical and grease-resistance, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.  Exceptional print performance is achieved through its advanced, micro-porous single-layered composition.  This provides for better bonding of ink and toner, even in traditional inkjet printers using die-based aqueous inks, to create waterproof documents. 

What does it look and feel like?  Power Paper has soft, smooth, natural white surface (two-sided).  By comparison to HP LaserJet Tough below, it is a thicker sheet with an unusually light feel and a less glossy appearance giving it a more natural "paper-realistic" appearance. 

Power Paper provides the greatest price-to-performance ratio among this top level of waterproof "industrial-strength" synthetic papers. Details are available on the Power Paper product pages for inkjet or laser printers.

Also:  self-adhesive, label-backed versions for inkjet or laser printers.


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Water-resistant paper: 
Ruff N' Tuff for Laser & Inkjet printers   

Waterproof papers:  Power Paper for Laser & Inkjet

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