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Standard weight 13 x 19 paper...
  ... reliable print-quality from an economical paper
  ... CAD drawings: achieve more detail and clarity versus 11 x 17
  ... Our #1 product for 5 years!


Smooth Inkjet Finish · 96 Brightness  ·  Acid Free



ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond CAD Paper 24 lb13x19200164-1319$37.25

Also available ...  Heavier Weights (39, 47, & 58 lb.); see table at end of this page.
Other media types in 13 x 19:  non-tear paper and Transparencies

Great Performance and No hassles...
13 x 19 papers allow you to make maximum impact with your wide format inkjet printer such as the HP 1220C by using its full-size capabilities.   

For professional applications, this 24 lb. weight is slightly heavier than regular office copy paper which makes your prints feel better and helps prevent the irritation of crimps and wrinkles from handling. 

One of the most common applications for this paper is CAD drawings when 11 x 17 does not provide enough clarity or detail.  It is also often used for half-sized drawings of "D"-sized prints (24"x36").

The entire range of 13 x 19 papers available from Graytex are particularly designed to accommodate machines like the...

       HP 1220C, HP cp1700, and Epson Stylus 1280.

Also compatible with most other major brands of wide format inkjet printers to meet professional performance and presentation high-standards.

Bulk Rates...

  ... Quantity-discount; Price breaks at multiple-boxes.

Our bulk-purchase price breaks for this item are now online.  If you use Bright White 13 x 19 papers regularly, take advantage of these lower rates at 5 or 10 boxes of 24 lb Bright White.


Smooth Inkjet Finish  ·  96 Brightness  ·   Acid Free



ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond CAD Paper 24 lb13x191000164B-1319$167.50


For Presentations with Class,
 at an Affordable Price...
     Don’t Miss this Matte-Paper Alternative...

For presentation drawings where overall attractiveness, brilliant colors, and crisp, dark blacks are desired, see the 36 lb matte paper.



Heavier weight 13 x 19 Papers...
... Heavier Weights for Durability and Less Show-Through

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 39 lb13x19100166-1319$44.25
Bright White Inkjet Paper 47 lb13x19100162-1319$47.65
Bright White Bond Inkjet Heavyweight Paper 58 lb13x19100168-1319$50.90


More Options with Heavier Weight 13 x 19 papers...
Heavier paper weights provide a more substantial feel in addition to increased durability.  The distraction of show-through from heavy ink coverage is reduced or eliminated.

39 lb. is a heavier weight paper when a thicker sheet is preferred.  47 lb. is equivalent to a light card stock.  58 lb. is equivalent to an 80 lb. cover stock.  

Applications: frequently handled documents or heavily-inked prints which must minimize show-through.

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