13x19 Inkjet Paper Specs Comparison

13 x 19 Paper

Graytex Papers 13x19 Inkjet Paper Specifications Review (in-depth)...

Product:  Item #164-1319 (also #264-1319), 24 lb. Bright White 13" x 19" paper

Details of the following specifications are discussed:


Brightness Rating


Weight (sheet thickness)


Size (size accuracy)


Product Packaging, Retail


Shipping Packaging

This specifications review refers to our 24 lb. Bright White 13x19 inkjet paper. 
It is our number one selling product, most often used for professional CAD applications.  Refer to product info on the 13 x 19 paper product page.

13 x 19 paper

Graytex Papers 13 x 19 paper, brightness:   
96 brightness

"Bright White" is a non-scientific term, but its meaning is based on the paper's brightness rating relative to other papers.  All papers have a light-reflectivity brightness level, which is the measurable quantity.  "Bright white" is referring to a comparatively high brightness rating compared to other papers across the industry.  Our 13x19 inkjet paper has a much higher brightness measurement than standard or inexpensive, multi-purpose papers, which are usually rated at 87 bright (87 is a low, but sufficient brightness for today's paper standards).  

Higher quality papers rate at 90 bright or above.  Extremely bright papers, based on brightness ratings, are measured at a brightness level of 95 and above.  Examples include our own 13 x 19 inkjet paper, which is 96 bright, and HP Premium Choice LaserJet Paper, which is 98 bright.  

Papers claiming to be brighter than 100 use an optical illusion to achieve this exaggerated effect by altering the paper composition to reflect "blue" light.  The effect is a paper which appears to be even brighter than any paper with a brightness rating approaching 100.  It a very effective technique for this specialized type of paper (an example is HP Color Inkjet Paper, a product rated by HP as 100+ brightness, available in 8.5 x11).  

But the more readily available bond papers typically fall within a range of paper brightness levels from 87 to 98.  On this industry-wide scale Graytex’s 13x19 inkjet paper is easily considered bright white at 96 brightness rating.  Brighter bond papers such as this provide a noticeable presentation advantage without an excessive cost increase.  Print results stand out more from the greater brightness level.

13 x 19 paper

Graytex Papers 13 x 19 paper, weight:   
24 lbs. (weight) bond

24 lb. weight paper is an industry-standard paper weight.  It is commonly available on other paper sizes, in addition to the more traditional copy paper or multi-purpose paper weight of 20 lb.  Comparatively speaking, 24 lb. weight bond is slightly higher quality than the least expensive paper weight, 20 lb.  Graytex Papers 13 x 19 paper is available in 24 lb. weight.  

At 24 lb. the higher thickness of each sheet allows for less wrinkling during handling of the large, awkward-to-handle sheet size (i.e. 13" x 19").  In addition, the heavier weight (corresponding to a thicker sheet) handles heavier ink coverage better than standard 20 lb. weight paper and it reduces unsightly "show-through".  The most common application of 13 x 19 paper is professional CAD/engineering applications, which easily justifies the 24 lb. paper weight, to increase the day-to-day practical usefulness of handling, and printing, on these large sheets.

13 x 19 paper

Graytex Papers 13 x 19 paper, paper size accuracy:   
13" x 19" (inches, English measurement)

Graytex Papers uses precision, digitally-monitored cutting equipment in the manufacture of its in-house products in our production facility.  This ensures the size accuracy of products like our 13x19 inkjet paper.  We are able to offer consistent, accurate results in our products in a full range of sizes.  Refer topaper by size to see all paper sizes available.


13 x 19 paper

Product Packaging, re-useable setup box:   
Packaging (retail box)

For ease-of-use and prevention of damage to the product, our 13x19 product is packaged in a sturdy, white, 2-piece, "setup" box made of chipboard (0.06 inches thick on all sides).  Each package is clearly marked to indicate the type of paper, the product item number and description, with end labels and a glued box-top cover sheet.  This type of retail packaging is re-useable, presentable, and sufficiently protects the paper from damage during normal use.

13 x 19 paper

Freight Packaging (shipping):
Getting the Product Delivered...

All shipments of Graytex Papers 13x19 paper are packaged in heavy cardboard shipping boxes, with additional cardboard, interiors liners.  A common problem with paper shipments is damage during shipping due to insufficient protections.  Typically, the paper corners will arrive bent or dinged.  We have found that the simple inclusion of cardboard liners (even for a quantity of one retail 13 x 19 box) is necessary and worthwhile to prevent damage during shipping.

Additional product information:

A complete product description, including current pricing, sheets/box packaging, and discount rates are listed on the product pages.  Refer to the links below for more information. 


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