A3 International 11.7 x 16.5

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A3 Paper for inkjet/laser/copiers...
 ... International / European Standard A3 Paper for inkjet and laser

A3 paper is an International / European paper size established by the ISO, the International Standards Organization.  It measures 297 x 420 millimeters, or equivalent to 11.69 x 16.54 inches.  

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Product Tables:

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 24 lbA3200164-A3$36.10
Bright White Bond Inkjet Paper 39 lbA3100166-A3$43.95
Bright White Inkjet Paper 47 lbA3100162-A3$47.65
Bright White Bond Inkjet Heavyweight Paper 58 lbA3100168-A3$50.90
Premium Matte Inkjet Paper 1 sidedA3100176-A3$49.95
Parchment Paper NATURALA3100112N-A3$42.95
Parchment Paper AGEDA3100112A-A3$42.95

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 24lb.A3200264-A3$36.10
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 39lb.A3100266-A3$43.95
Bright White Bond Laser Paper 47lb.A3100262-A3$45.95
Bright White Bond Laser Paper Heavyweight 58lbA3100268-A3$47.25
Parchment Paper NATURALA3100212N-A3$42.95
Parchment Paper AGEDA3100212A-A3$42.95
Soft Gloss Laser Paper 40-lb. A3100295-A3$51.95
Soft Gloss Laser Paper Heavywt 58-lb. A350298-A3$44.70
Laser Paper, 32-lb. GlossA3100250-A3$44.55
Laser Paper, 58-lb. Gloss HeavyweightA350251-A3$42.20
Laser Paper 58# Premium High Gloss HeavyweightA350238-A3$45.90

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More about A3 sized Paper

Paper sizes were at one time disorganized, so it stood to reason that having a standard practice and naming convention would help put everyone on the same page (so to speak.) The terms created by the International Organization of Standardization are not used in Canada, the US or Mexico, but are common in Europe and other parts of the world. It eliminates somewhat vague terms like ledger and legal used in America today. If you're looking to send, supply or market materials outside the USA, then we'll show you how each size fits into a larger context. The A size paper series comes in several different measurements. Historically, the most used paper size was  A4, and the dimensions are close to the American letter size of 8.5x 11. We'll tell you more about the larger A3 size, so you understand what you're buying if you need to ship outside the USA. 

Each line of the series has its own purpose, and the standards have caused less confusion amongst professionals when size counts. The primary purpose of the standardization was to make the measurements in proportion to the A0, which is the largest size and encompasses a square meter of space. You can see how each size fits into the larger context, with A3 measuring about an eighth of a single A0 sheet. Each iteration in the series will have the same proportions of length and height, with a 1.4 mm ratio. A3 paper has started to see more use in both the business and academic world, and even amateur graphic designers and Photoshop enthusiasts have had fun with its sizing dimensions. 

A3 paper is technically 297 mm by 420 mm or 11.69 x 16.54 inches, and may be referred to as tabloid sized. Many people find this particular size useful in presentations, charts or for larger diagrams. It sends a professional message in companies or schools, and makes it possible to use a larger font so data is easier to read. You may also see A3 paper used as a learning tools. Teachers and boardroom members may use it for complex charts or to show the periodic table. Artists may use this for drawings, photos or posters. 

Most professional printers outside the USA allow the use of A3 paper now, as its helped many companies convey information in an interesting and memorable way. At times, visual representation is the only way to truly get a message across, and the use of flow charts and bar graphs help people grasp and retain better than a recital of straight numbers. This size is often used in laser printers to combine two A4 size pages as a mini-booklet spread or brochure.

It's also possible to use A3 paper in inkjets and copiers as well, and it's especially helpful you need it to scan various sized documents. Whether glossy A3 paper is needed for a stunning photograph or it's just needed for a proof, it's a versatile size that works in a variety of circumstances. With ink and printer costs having declined over the years over the world, it's becoming more popular because it really helps information stand out. Small businesses in particular are starting to see how helpful it can be for advertising and other signage needs too. While it's not generally used at home, there are domestic printers available that will accommodate this size for amateur artists or freelance workers. 

A3 also has an oversized version, which allows for changes without marking up the original printing area. In the case of the larger option, or the A3+, printers may use it to make notes and comments. Graphic designers may use it to add borders or additional features to their images. When it comes to the type of paper you're working with, cheaper paper will be lighter with lower contrast and resolution. If you're working with non-coated paper, you can use it for simple brochures, regular copies or temporary poster for special events. Higher grade paper can be used for long-term brochures, professional charts and even calendars. 

Choose between Bright White Bond Inkjet heavy paper and Premium Matte 1 sided paper, depending on who the recipient will be. You can also purchase the same options for a laser printer as well. Options like aged parchment paper can make a lasting impression and create some flair and style for your brand, and soft gloss paper gives an air of class and sophistication. Paper comes in a variety of styles for this size, and in a variety of grams per square meter. The higher the poundage, the better the feel in the beholder's hands. Regardless of where you will be sending this, it's a versatile size for a variety of needs. 


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