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Gloss Laser 32 lb

4 mil
96 brightness
Made in the USA
FSC Certified
SFI Sourcing
Recycled Content

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 8.5x11 100 250-8511 $24.70
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 8.5x14 100 250-8514 $37.75
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 11x17 100 250-1117 $39.95
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 12x18 100 250-1280 $44.55
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A3 100 250-A3 $44.55
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A4 100 250-A4 $37.75
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A5 100 250-A5 $24.70
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 8.5x11 1000 250B-8511 $109.95
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 8.5x14 1000 250B-8514 $155.95
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 11x17 1000 250B-1117 $182.25
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss 12x18 1000 250B-1280 $235.95
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A3 1000 250B-A3 $225.95
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A4 1000 250B-A4 $145.90
    Laser Paper, 32-lb. Gloss A5 1000 250B-A5 $86.95

Product Details

32 lb. Laser Gloss (2-sided)...
... Enhanced Gloss with a Magazine-Like Appearance
... Glossy Presentation / Glossy Brochure Paper



Acid Free  ·   Magazine-like Finish  ·   Two-Sided 
4.2 mil Thickness  ·   32 lb. Weight Paper  ·   95 Brightness



Enhanced Gloss... 
Magazine-like appearance... 

Laser Gloss is an effective glossy brochure paper or flyer paper.  Corporate in-house brochures that duplicate the expensive appearance of a professional printing service are an ideal application for this two-sided paper.  Suitable also for similar applications including advertising and presentation documents.  

    Important:  How to Make the Best Impression

Laser printers use opaque toner unlike the transparent inks used in inkjet printers.  Toner is dull in appearance by comparison.  Solid images printed on a glossy laser paper are not going to be as glossy as on an inkjet print.  Here is how to get the most out of it...  
The best use of glossy brochure paper for laser printers is to avoid excessive solid-image coverage.  Use smaller images which complement the content of the page and include white space in the page design to allow the gloss of the paper to contrast with the imprint of the laser toner.   Solid coverage applications are not ideal, because they will not give the high-gloss appearance the way inkjets will. 

What does the paper feel like?

Laser Gloss looks and feels very smooth in the 32 lb. weight as well as in the 58 lb. Laser Gloss version.  The choice between 32 lb. and 58 lb. is largely one of preference.  The 32 lb. weight is appropriate for multi-page brochures, because it is thin enough to be more easily folded.  

We describe this paper as "magazine-like" in appearance, but the thickness is heavier than actual magazine paper and it feels similar to the weight of standard copy paper thickness.

PERFORMANCE on Color Laser Printers...

This is the best two-sided glossy brochure paper for a practical and effective replacement of commercially-printed brochures.  Other applications include flyers, newsletters, one-page inserts, corporate reports and presentations.

Compatibility: This Laser Gloss is ideally suited for color laser printing because it maintains the heat-resistant requirements to perform reliably in color laser printers.  Lesser glossy laser papers are susceptible to melting or bubbling when exposed to the extreme heat of the print-fusing process in many color laser printers.

Laser Gloss is also available in a heavier weight.  See 58 lb Laser Gloss.