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Matte Inkjet Rolls 27 lb

95 brightness
5 mil
Made in the USA

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    Premium Banner Paper 28# Matte Roll (1-sided) 8.5x100 feet 100-Foot Roll 747-85100 $39.95
    Premium Banner Paper 28# Matte Roll (1-sided) 11x100feet 100-Foot Roll 747-11100 $48.13
    Premium Banner Paper 28# Matte Roll (1-sided) 13x100 feet 100-Foot Roll 747-13100 $69.74
    Premium Banner Paper 28# Matte Roll (1-sided) 17x150 feet 150-Foot Roll 747-17100 $87.84

Product Details

Inkjet Roll Paper...
... Sizes:  8.5", 11", 13", and 17" wide 

Compatible with large-format printers like the Epson models 1280, 2200, and R1800.  

These rolls have a 2-inch core and will work on Epson printers equipped with a roll attachment.  They will also work in printers like HP 1220C and cp1700 when fed manually.


Continuous Inkjet Roll Paper



Rolls  ·  No Perforations  ·  87 Brightness

Acid Free  ·  Smooth Inkjet Finish


Additional specifications:  2-inch core, 3.5" outside diameter (fits most printers). 


... Matte-Coated Color Inkjet Bond



Rolls  ·  No Perforations  ·  87 Brightness

Acid Free  ·  One-Sided Matte Coating


Matte Coated Roll Papers...
Excellent for a greater impact on party and event banners, or other professional or technical design presentations.  The matte coating enhances the reflectivity of colors for a more vibrant appearance.  One-sided, 100 foot rolls.

Additional specifications:  2-inch core, 3.5" outside diameter (fits most printers).

High-Impact Inkjet printing...
...Each of the papers listed above for HP and Epson roll paper are compatible with major brand inkjet printers. Most inkjet printers are capable of feeding continuous sheet paper (roll paper) up to their maximum supported width to create individualized sheet lengths.  Each type of roll paper shown is designed strictly for optimum inkjet performance. 

Epson roll paper attachment...
and other Spindle Roll-Feeder machines
An additional roll paper attachment is available as an accessory for the Epson Stylus Photo 2200, 1270, and 1280 large format inkjet printers.  

Compatibility limitations include...
...a 2-inch core when using Epson roll paper on the Epson models above.  Our entire selection of inkjet roll paper comes on a 2-inch core, for compatibility with these machines.  

Other Printer models...  
In printer models where a roll feed attachment is not available, roll feeding can be accomplished using the normal edge guide mechanism or by pre-cutting the roll paper to the desired length.   

Typical Applications...
Party and event banners, real-time technical graphs and data streams, over-sized charts for genealogy, and other large or continuous sheet applications.