Roll Papers

  • Party Banners, Oil & Gas Drilling Charts, Geneological Ancestry Trees, Hard-bound Book Cover Fly-sheets
  • Several widths available: 8½, 11, 13, 17, 24, and 36 inch widths
  • Uncoated 24 lb paper for general purpose uses such as seismological charts or inexpensive party banners
  • Matte coated paper for vivid colors and darker blacks available to 24 lb and the slightly heavier 27 lb for greater impact
  • Wider rolls for architectural and engineering plotters available in 24 inch and 36 inch widths 
ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Inkjet Roll Paper 24 lb Bond8.5x100100-Foot RollJ24B-85100$17.10
Inkjet Roll Paper 24 lb Bond11x100100-Foot RollJ24B-11100$23.65
Inkjet Roll Paper 24 lb Bond13x100100-Foot RollJ24B-13100$27.50
Inkjet Roll Paper 24 lb Bond17x100100-Foot RollJ24B-17100$37.75
Roll Plotter Paper Roll, non glossy36x150150-Foot Roll9280-0637$41.30
Matte Roll Paper (1-sided) 24 lb8.5x100100-Foot RollJ24BC-85100$27.35
Matte Coated Roll Paper (1-sided) 24 lb11x100100-Foot RollJ24BC-11100$35.25
Matte Coated Roll Paper (1-sided) 24 lb13x100100-Foot RollJ24BC-13100$50.75
Premium Banner Paper 27# Matte Roll (1-sided)8.5x100 feet100-Foot Roll747-85100$33.90
Premium Banner Paper 27# Matte Roll (1-sided)13x100 feet100-Foot Roll747-13100$63.40
Premium Banner Paper 27# Matte Roll (1-sided)17x100 feet100-Foot Roll747-17100$79.85

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                 Banner Paper in 13" wide sheets

The white bond and matte roll papers are typically used for technical and decorative applications such as real-time data recording, party and event banners and genealogical charts. Each roll has a 2-inch core, and 3.5-inch outside diameter (fits most printers)
Note that the 24 lb. weight of the White Bond roll papers (all sizes) is a slightly heavier thickness than normal copy paper, enhancing durability for these larger prints.
You may also go straight to our categories of inkjet papers, or the papers designed for laser and color laser printers.

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