74lb > > Ruff-N-Tuff Heavyweight

Ruff-N-Tuff Heavyweight

95 brightness
10 mil
9.5 mil
Made in the USA
FSC Certified
SFI Sourcing
Recycled Content

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x11 15 102-8511-15 $17.25
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x11 50 102-8511-50 $44.25
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x11 100 102-8511-100 $74.99
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x14 15 102-8514-15 $27.50
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x14 50 102-8514-50 $61.35
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x14 100 102-8514-100 $87.60
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 11x17 15 102-1117-15 $29.85
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 11x17 50 102-1117-50 $74.80
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 11x17 100 102-1117-100 $107.80
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 12x18 15 102-1280-15 $34.90
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 12 x 18 50 102-1280-50 $82.30
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 12x18 100 102-1280-100 $119.60
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 8.5x11 1000 102B-8511 $425.92
    Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT 11x17 1000 102B-1117 $909.60

Product Details

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“Ruff ‘N Tuff ” Non-Tear Paper...

... A Technological Breakthrough:  Real Paper as Strong as Plastic
... Sizes:  8½x11, 8½x14, 11x17, 13x19, A3, A4
... This product is inkjet / laser / copier compatible


Durable, Non-Tear  ·   Water & Grease Resistant 
82lb.(10 mil) Weight  ·   Acid Free  ·   Neutral ph
95 Brightness  ·   Smooth Finish



Real Paper as Strong as Plastic...

Safeguard your important documents on a durable paper that is indistinguishable from normal fiber-based paper.   This non-tear paper is uncoated and does not feel like plastic.  It is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.

Ruff N Tuff is a worthy lower-cost alternative if you are searching for weatherproof paper solutions.  A more robust waterproof paper is available in Power Paper

Easy to use.  

“Ruff ‘N Tuff” non-tear paper does not compromise printing quality and feeding performance, so it is as easy to use as traditional fiber-based paper.  

Super strength.

It has a triple-layered composition, with a plastic-based inner layer for tear resistance.  Ruff N Tuff is an excellent tear resistant paper.

High Performance Layers.

In addition to the inner strengthening layer of Ruff N Tuff, the outer two layers are chemically treated to allow each sheet to maintain very high print quality and a very high reliability in the feeding mechanisms of today's personal computer printers.

Environmental Resilience.

The chemical treatments of the outer layers are the secret to the water resistance and grease resistance which Ruff N Tuff provides for your documents.  Ideal for protecting outdoor documents against incidental exposure to water, dirt.

Combined with the enhanced tear-resistance of the inner, plastic layer, Ruff N Tuff is a well-rounded enhanced paper effective for a wide range of applications.

Typical applications:  Important records, outdoor documents (for incidental exposure), heavily-used reference sheets and checklists, maps, menus, tags, and more.  Works well with folded applications.  

Special Applications...

Laminated items.

Ruff N Tuff can be laminated for most practical purposes without issue.  For enhanced strength, particularly for security-related items or long-lasting, permanent lamination applications, such as id cards, refer to Power Paper which has a far greater lamination bonding strength. 

3-hole punched manuals. 


Hands-on 3-ring binder testing shows Ruff N Tuff paper is several times stronger than normal 3-hole punched binder paper.   It is not designed specifically to counter act pullout from ring binders like that of hole-reinforced papers which typically use a mylar strip to strengthen the holes.  But, Ruff N Tuff will not tear nearly as easily from a binder as 24 lb. hole-punched copy paper.

The ideal Ruff 'n Tuff application is single-sheet, stapled, or folded documents which experience frequent changing of hands, heavy-handling, or repeated use.

See also:  for a more robust waterproof paper, designed to be much more resilient against water exposure, refer to our waterproof Power Paper for inkjet printers.