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SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil

5 mil
90 brightness
105 gsm

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x11 15 205-8511-15 $14.65
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x11 50 205-8511-50 $34.90
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x11 100 205-8511-100 $63.95
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x14 15 205-8514-15 $26.50
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x14 50 205-8514-50 $63.60
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x14 100 205-8514-100 $114.50
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 11x17 15 205-1117-15 $28.90
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 11x17 50 205-1117-50 $69.75
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 11x17 100 205-1117-100 $127.30
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x11 1000 205B-8511 $604.00
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 8.5x14 1000 205B-8514 $1,093.00
    SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil 11x17 1000 205B-1117 $1,199.00

Product Details

"Practically Indestructible"

      ...and at New Lower Prices!

  • Waterproof and Tearproof
  • Made for harsh and dirty environments
  • Heavy-use Shop Manuals and Maintenance operations
  • Two-sided printing on both laser printers and copiers
  • Available in several sizes and quantities
  • Eliminates the need for lamination
  • Printable on high speed digital presses as well as desktop printers
  • Uses: Cookbooks, Maintenance Manuals, EMT Guides, Shelf Tags, Maps, Menus, Scuba Guides, Retail Sale Tags, Weatherproof Hiking Maps, Pocket Guides

The Surprising Durability of Tough Paper
Makes it an Easy Choice for Important Jobs

Tough Paper looks like regular paper. Anything that can be printed on any other paper can be printed on Tough Paper. However, Tough Paper will not tear, it will not fall apart when wet, and the print will not bleed through rough circumstances.  It is the do it all, multipurpose, tough, water proof paper that many people did not even know they needed until they tried it the first time. There is simply no going back when a reliable repetitive job needs to done, Tough Paper will be there, in one piece, and legible time after time. 

Designed for Repeated Use

This unusual synthetic paper will hold up to continued daily use without print smudging or tearing at the weak spots that would be created by the creases and folds in typical paper. Tough Paper can be wiped clean if a drink is spilled on it, or if it needs to be marked with dry erase marker. Repeated, rough, daily use paper that works with your own printer and colored or black ink.

Skip Lamination

There is no need to laminated this paper, in fact it is tougher and longer lasting than laminated paper.  Laminators may become obsolete with the rise of tough paper because it simply works better. Any type of document that would need to be laminated can simply be printed on this paper to begin with. Tough paper cuts out the extra step of lamination, looks more professional, and lasts longer because as soon as the lamination seems are broken or a small cut occurs on the cover that seal is broken and the paper underneath is compromised. Tough Paper is tough itself, so there is no worry about breaking through that outer layer and ruining the whole print. 

Ideal Uses Include: 

  • Maps are a great use for Tough Paper, they can be refolded over and over, exposed to the elements and used for years without showing the typical wear and tear one may expect from a paper map. 
  • Daily Work or Medical Charts (Reusable daily use charts for employees, special needs adults, and children) are vital for self sufficiency and when one wears out, in some cases life can become chaotic. Important things that make a difference in people's lives can be printed on this paper to make sure that the information will be there each and every time it is needed
  • Foldable, portable dry erase posters for employee notification in the field and teaching anywhere.  These papers are great for areas were informational posters need to be put up then taken back down often. They are durable and can stand up to wear and tear of traveling. 
  • Scuba guides. Yes, it it not only weather resistant, Tough Paper can be submerged underwater. Lifesaving and interesting information can be conveyed while exploring the deep with scuba guides printed on this waterproof paper.
  • Boat pamphlets. From safety tips, to directions for lifesaving devices, some information should always be available while boating. However the best part of being on a boat is the same thing that makes most paper products mold and tear, the sun and water. Tough Paper is the easy answer. 
  • Cookbooks, and/or printed recipes to be used over and over again in a public or private kitchen. Recipes that are used often tend to get stained, splattered, torn, and often misplaced. Tough paper can be tacked to a wall and wiped down when anything gets on it. 
  • Menus printed on Tough Paper offer all the perks of laminated menus. They will stay presentable even longer, and appear more professional from the start. Tough Paper menus, like laminated menus, can be wiped down at the end of each shift and will not tear when guests get rough. 
  • Signs, indoor and out. Any indoor sign that needs to last should be printed on  Tough Paper. However it really stands out for outdoor signs. Information printed on Tough Paper and hung on an exterior door or outer window will not be effected by the elements, this water proof paper can be rained on and still convey the message afterwards. 
  • Important flyers such as a class syllabus and calendar, or a permanent shift schedule should be printed on tough paper. It may not be top choice for simple class notes or work notifications but if a document needs to last through the school year or duration of employment, then Tough Paper is the way to go. 

There really is no limit to the uses this paper has. Any purpose that "non tough" paper has can be carried out by the Tough Paper, plus so much more with longer lasting use and attractiveness.