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Power Paper Inkjet

10 mil
91 brightness
Made in the USA

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack 8.5x11 15 104-8511-15 $24.95
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x11 50 104-8511-50 $69.95
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x11 100 104-8511-100 $104.95
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack 8.5x14 15 104-8514-15 $33.30
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x14 50 104-8514-50 $96.50
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x14 100 104-8514-100 $144.80
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack 11x17 15 104-1117-15 $41.40
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 11x17 50 104-1117-50 $119.95
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 11x17 100 104-1117-100 $179.95
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper A4 100 104-A4-100 $144.80
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x11 1000 104B-8511 $726.00
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 8.5x14 1000 104B-8514 $1,105.00
    POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper 11x17 1000 104B-1117 $1,449.00

Product Details

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″Power Paper″ for inkjet printers...

 NOTE: Power Paper is the industrial-strength waterproof paper option.  
        For the cheaper option, see Ruff N' Tuff water-resistant paper!

... Top-of-the-Line Synthetic Paper with Exceptional Print Performance 
... Sizes: 8.5"x11", 8.5"x14", 11"x17", and A4 



Waterproof  •  Durable  •  Chemical & Tear-Resistant 
Prints Easily  •  Excellent Lamination Bond  •  91 Brightness
10 mil  •  High-Ink Absorption   •   Flexible Sheets



Real-World Applications...
“Power Paper” is the ideal synthetic paper for many applications because of its combination of extraordinary durability and exceptional print capability.  It is used for laminated cards, tags, labels, maps, menus, and outdoor signs and has a 10-year track record making security documents.

Look and Feel...

Power Paper sheets are flexible with a soft feel to them.  It is a thick sheet at 10 mil, but not stiff or rigid.  It has a slight reflective glaze under direct light which enhances its presentation value, but it is not a shiny, coated paper, and is more akin to a standard sheet of bond paper in appearance. 

Maximum Synthetic Paper Performance...
Professional synthetic paper typically comes in an expensive, plastic-based sheet. But Power Paper is an advanced composite design that provides high print-quality and affordability for creating robust documents that are resistant to tough usage, tearing, and wear.

This is why we view “Power Paper” as no less than the pinnacle of synthetic paper technology.  It provides an optimum solution which considers economic feasibility while maintaining exceptional print performance in an uncompromising synthetic paper. 

Paper or Plastic?
For laminated or secure documents, waterproof applications, or maximum document longevity, “Power Paper” is the unquestioned choice.  It is a thick paper (10 mil) due to its waterproof composition, but not stiff.  


Characteristics of “Power Paper”:

Durable and Tear-Resistant, 
with unmatched abrasion resistance and flex/bend endurance.

Quality Print Performance & High Ink Absorption.
Due to its porous composition, inks set almost instantly.  Multi-color printing is now easily achieved on a synthetic paper.

Enhanced bonding strength for Laminating.
It will bond more than twice as well as regular paper or card stock allowing a super strong lamination where there is no encapsulated edge (i.e. No Lamination Overlap).  
Tamper and wear-resistant.

Prevent Moisture Damage!
Because this synthetic paper is waterproof there is no edge-ply separation due to moisture when laminating.  Create documents thatwithstand the elements for a much longer lifespan, maintaining their shape & readability. 

Flexible and Adaptable in its Applications:
It can be stapled, hole-punched, or used with grommets. It will lay flat, drape, fold, or roll easily--an adaptable weather-resistant paper.


NOTE: “Power Paper” is a plastic-like synthetic paper. For apaper-realistic alternative in a non-tear paper, see ourRuff 'N Tuff non-tear inkjet paper.


“Power Paper” for inkjet printers,
recommended for these & other common uses... 

Maps, Logbooks, Municipal Water and Fire Department Documents, Training Manuals, Shop Diagrams and Parts Manuals, Cookbooks, Calendars, ID and Security Cards, Golf Score Cards, Restaurant and Café Menus, Horticultural Tags, and 3-Ring Binder Catalogs.

See Also: 

Ruff N Tuff water-resistant paper...
...a less expensive synthetic paper hybrid.  Ruff N Tuff has a true, paper-realistic feel with non-tear, water-resistant qualities.  See Ruff N’ Tuff inkjet paper.