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Power Paper Laser

10 mil
91 brightness
Made in the USA

    Product Paper Size Sheets SKU Price
    Power Paper Laser Trial Pack 8.5x11 15 204-8511-15 $19.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x11 50 204-8511-50 $52.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x11 100 204-8511-100 $83.95
    Power Paper Laser Trial Pack 8.5x14 15 204-8514-15 $28.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x14 50 204-8514-50 $79.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x14 100 204-8514-100 $123.95
    Power Paper Laser Trial Pack 11x17 15 204-1117-15 $39.95
    Power Paper Laser 11x17 50 204-1117-50 $98.95
    Power Paper Laser - Waterproof Paper 11x17 100 204-1117-100 $139.95
    Power Paper Laser Trial Pack A4 15 204-A4-15 $29.95
    Power Paper Laser A4 100 204-A4-100 $123.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x11 1000 204B-8511 $665.95
    Power Paper Laser 8.5x14 1000 204B-8514 $1,010.95
    Power Paper Laser 11x17 1000 204B-1117 $1,298.95

Product Details

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“Power Paper” for laser printers...

...Top-of-the-line Waterproof Paper with Exceptional Print Performance 
... Sizes: 8½"x11", 8½"x14", 11"x17", and A4


Waterproof Paper

Waterproof  ·  Durable  ·  Chemical & Tear-Resistant 
Prints Easily  ·  Excellent Lamination Bond
10 mil  ·  Single-Layer Uncoated Film   ·   Pliable, Flexible


 NOTE: Power Paper is the totally waterproof paper option.  
     A less expensive option is Ruff N' Tuff water-resistant paper!

SAMPLES:  Samples of clearance items are available on request by email or phone.

The Characteristics of "Power Paper":

"Power Paper" is the ideal synthetic copy paper for many applications because of its combination of extraordinary durability andexceptional print capability.

Durable and Tear-Resistant, 
with unmatched abrasion resistance and flex/bend endurance.

Excellent Toner Bonding Strength for Laser Printers.
When adapted for the heated toner transfer process of laser printing, “Power Paper” is especially effective among synthetic papers by providing accurate print imaging and print longevity.

Enhanced bonding strength for Laminating.
It will bond more than twice as well as regular paper or card stock allowing a super strong lamination where there is no encapsulated edge (i.e. No Lamination Overlap).
Tamper and wear-resistant.

No Edge-Ply Separation (Waterproof Sealed).
Because it is a waterproof paper there is no edge-ply separation due to moisture when laminated.  A thermal printing process such as laser printing creates a document that withstands the elements for a much longer lifespan, maintaining its shape & readability.

Flexible and Adaptable composition: 
It can be stapled, hole-punched, or used with grommets. It will lay flat, drape, fold, or roll easily--an adaptable weather-resistant paper.

How does it Look and Feel...

Power Paper sheets are flexible with a soft feel to them.  A sheet of Power Paper is thick at 10 mils, but not stiff or rigid.  It has a slight reflective glaze under direct light which enhances its presentation value, but it is not a shiny, coated paper, and is more akin to a standard sheet of bond paper in appearance.  Samples are available on request.

Real World Applications.
Power Paper is a tough, waterproof paper used for 
the following types of applications...


laminated cards








outdoor signs

Power Paper has a 10+ year track record making security documents (id cards, registrations, and vital documents) due to its excellent bonding strength for laminating and its resilience to water exposure. 

For maximum document longevity, Power Paper is an ideal choice.  It is unique because it allows for accurate print quality unlike most previous plastic-based synthetic papers.  

Additional Application Examples.

Maps, Logbooks, Municipal Water and Fire Department Documents, Training Manuals, Shop Diagrams and Parts Manuals, Cookbooks, Calendars, ID and Security Cards, Golf Score Cards, Restaurant and Café Menus, Horticultural Tags, and 3-Ring Binder Catalogs.

Alternatives to Waterproof Paper.

Ruff N Tuff is a less expensive, water-resistant paper with non-tear strength. 

Ruff N Tuff Gloss Cover is a coated, thicker sheet, with the thickness of a card stock, providing water resistance and excellent non-tear durability. 

Benefits of Power Paper

  • Waterproof paper means that if you use it in the rain, your documents will not be ruined.
  • The variety of sizes allows for you to get exactly the size you need for the project at hand.
  • If you happen to be working with or around chemicals and have a spill, your important document will still be able to be saved.

This Power paper is meant for use with laser printers.  It is a top of the line paper that is waterproof and will give you a print performance that is exceptional.  It comes in sizes:

  • 8 ½”x11”
  • 8 ½”x14”
  • 11”x17”
  • A4

This type of paper is flexible, pliable, 10 mils, prints with ease, tear and chemical resistant, durable, weatherproof and has a single layer of uncoated film and a lamination bond that is excellent.  This is THE option when you need a totally waterproof paper.  For those looking for paper that is just water resistant, Ruff N’ Tuff is an option that is slightly less expensive.

Characteristics of Power Paper

  • Power Paper is absolutely the perfect synthetic paper to use with a variety of applications due to its fusion of durability that is extraordinary and its print capability that is exceptional. 
  • This paper is resistant to tears and quite durable.  It has a resistance to abrasion that is unmatched and it also has the endurance to flex and bend.
  • For those who use laser printing, the paper has a toner bonding strength that is excellent.
  • When this paper is adapted for the transfer process with heated toner for laser printing, it is incredibly effective as a synthetic paper because it gives you print imaging that is accurate as well as printing that is long lasting.
  • Power Paper has a bonding strength that is enhanced so as to make it great for laminating.
  • Power Paper will bond over twice as well as normal paper or even card stock.  This then allows for a lamination that is incredibly strong, even when there is no edge that is encapsulated – which means that there will be no overlap of lamination.
  • This paper is also resistant to tear and is wear resistant
  • Power Paper is waterproof sealed which means that there will be no ply separation at the edges due to moisture.
  • When this paper is used in a thermal printing process as is with laser printing, the document that is created is able to withstand all of the elements for a lifespan that is much longer when compared to that of other types of paper.
  • The composition of this paper is adaptable and flexible.
  • You can hole punch, staple or use it with grommets and it will still lay flat, fold, drape and roll with ease, which means that not only is it resistant to the weather, it is also quite adaptable.

But How Does it Feel?  What Does it Look Like?

Sheets of Power Paper are very flexible and they feel soft.  This type of paper is quite think at 10 mils but that doesn’t mean that it is rigid or stiff.  The paper also has a glaze that is slightly reflective when in direct light and this enhances its values for presentation while not having a coated, shiny look.  It more closely resembles a sheet of standard bond paper when it comes to looks. 

Applications in the Real World

This waterproof, tough paper is amazing when used for these applications:

  • Outdoor signs
  • Maps
  • Labels
  • Tags
  • Laminated cards

This paper has a track record of more than 10 years in making security documents such as vital documents, registrations and id cards because of its bonding strength that is superb for laminating as well as for its resistance to water.

If you want the maximum when it comes to longevity for documents, Power Paper is the perfect option.  This paper is unique que to it allowing for a print quality that is accurate, unlike any previous types of synthetic papers that were plastic based.

Here is a quick look at some examples of other applications Power Paper is excellent for:

  • 3 ring binder catalogs
  • Horticultural tags
  • Café and restaurant menus
  • Golf score cards
  • Security and ID cards
  • Calendars
  • Cookbooks
  • Shop parts and diagram manuals
  • Training manuals
  • Municipal fire and water department documents
  • Logbooks
  • maps

If you happen to be in search of alternatives to this waterproof paper, Ruff n” Tuff is a paper that is water resistant and it also has strength against tearing.  This type of paper is a thicker sheet and coated.  It has the same thickness as card stock while providing resistance to water and it also features a non – tear durability that is incredible.