Hi-Performance Waterproof Papers and Low-Cost Alternatives

Waterproof Papers

Waterproof papers

Power Paper for Laser (Waterproof)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Power Paper Laser Trial Pack8.5x1115204-8511-15$19.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x1150204-8511-50$52.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x11100204-8511-100$83.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x111000204B-8511$665.95
Power Paper Laser Trial Pack8.5x1415204-8514-15$28.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x1450204-8514-50$79.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x14100204-8514-100$123.95
Power Paper Laser8.5x141000204B-8514$1,010.95
Power Paper Laser Trial Pack11x1715204-1117-15$39.95
Power Paper Laser11x1750204-1117-50$98.95
Power Paper Laser - Waterproof Paper11x17100204-1117-100$139.95
Power Paper Laser11x171000204B-1117$1,298.95
Power Paper Laser Trial Pack12x1815204-1280-15$37.25
Power Paper Laser12x1850204-1280-50$105.50
Power Paper Laser12x18100204-1280-100$157.80
Power Paper Laser Trial PackA415204-A4-15$29.95
Power Paper LaserA4100204-A4-100$123.95
Power Paper LaserA3100204-A3-100$157.80

Power Paper for Inkjet (Waterproof)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack8.5x1115104-8511-15$24.95
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x1150104-8511-50$69.95
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x11100104-8511-100$104.95
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x111000104B-8511$765.00
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack8.5x1415104-8514-15$33.30
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x1450104-8514-50$96.50
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x14100104-8514-100$164.50
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper8.5x141000104B-8514$1,449.00
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper Trial Pack11x1715104-1117-15$41.40
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper11x1750104-1117-50$119.95
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper11x17100104-1117-100$179.95
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet Paper11x171000104B-1117$1,585.00
POWER PAPER Waterproof Inkjet PaperA4100104-A4-100$164.50

SpartanLine Paper 5 mil (Waterproof)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x1115205-8511-15$14.65
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x1150205-8511-50$34.90
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x11100205-8511-100$63.95
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x111000205B-8511$604.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x1415205-8514-15$26.50
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x1450205-8514-50$63.60
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x14100205-8514-100$114.50
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil8.5x141000205B-8514$1,093.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil11x1715205-1117-15$28.90
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil11x1750205-1117-50$69.75
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil11x17100205-1117-100$127.30
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 5-mil11x171000205B-1117$1,199.00

SpartanLine Paper 8 mil (Waterproof)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x1115208-8511-15$18.70
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x1150208-8511-50$45.20
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x11100208-8511-100$82.35
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x111000208B-8511$780.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x1415208-8514-15$34.20
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x1450208-8514-50$82.20
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x14100208-8514-100$148.10
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil8.5x141000208B-8514$1,413.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil11x1715208-1117-15$37.40
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil11x1750208-1117-50$90.35
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil11x17100208-1117-100$164.50
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 8-mil11x171000208B-1117$1,560.00

SpartanLine Paper 11 mil (Waterproof)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x1115211-8511-15$28.35
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x1150211-8511-50$68.50
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x111000211B-8511$1,183.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x11100211-8511-100$124.60
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x1415211-8514-15$51.95
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x1450211-8514-50$124.55
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x14100211-8514-100$224.45
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil8.5x141000211B-8514$2,142.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil11x1715211-1117-15$56.70
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil11x1750211-1117-50$137.10
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil11x17100211-1117-100$249.20
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil11x171000211B-1117$2,366.00
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil12x1815211-1280-15$59.50
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil12x1850211-1280-50$144.45
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil12x18100211-1280-100$264.25
SpartanLine Tough Synthetic Laser 11-mil12x181000211B-1280$2,416.00

Ruff N Tuff Paper (Water Resistant)

ProductPaper SizeSheetsSKUPrice
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.11x1750101-1117$59.95
Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT8.5x1115102-8511-15$17.25
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.A4 50101-A4$43.80
Ruff N Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.8.5x1150101-8511$34.50
Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT8.5x1150102-8511-50$44.25
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.11x171000101B-1117$539.00
Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT8.5x11100102-8511-100$74.99
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.A350101-A3$107.30
Ruff-N-Tuff HEAVYWEIGHT8.5x111000102B-8511$425.92
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.12x181000101B-1280$615.00
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.8.5x1450101-8514$48.95
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.8.5x141000101B-8514$475.00
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.12x1850101-1280$119.99
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.13x1950101-1319$129.99
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.13x191000101B-1319$675.00
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.A31000101B-A3$577.00
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.A4 1000101B-A4$319.00
Ruff-N-Tuff Inkjet / Laser Paper 27lb.A51000101B-A5$219.00

Waterproof papers are synthetically engineered to survive persistent contact with water.  These usually provide other related synthetic paper qualities such as tear-resistance and chemical and grease resistance.  By comparison, water-resistant papers will survive only light contact with water and other liquid residues. 

Hi-Performance Waterproof Papers... 

There is a spectrum of waterproof and water-resistant papers available. For practical purposes, these include two "industrial-strength" waterproof paper choices, equally competitive, and largely differentiated by appearance.  These are maximum performance waterproof papers. As a final option the less costly choice is a water-resistant paper with its own twist: a synthetic paper hybrid that feels like real paper, also differentiating itself by its unique feel and appearance. 

The product breakdown includes:  
Power Paper, HP LaserJet Tough, and the water-resistant option: Ruff N' Tuff.

Power Paper... 
       Hi-Performance  ·  Waterproof  ·  Single-layered Uncoated 
                   Compatibility:    Laser  · Color Laser  · Inkjet

It's a go-anywhere, do-anything kind of paper made possible by it's advanced synthetic composition.  Power Paper is a serious hi-performance synthetic paper with an excellent price-to-performance ratio for this category of performance that does not compromise its flexibility.  The range of target machines and applications includes inkjet, laser, color laser and commercial offset printing, lamination, folding, grommeting, stapling and more.

Waterproof Printing... even on Inkjet Printers 
Most inkjet printers use aqueous-based inks which are susceptible to running and fading on the printed page when wet, like watercolor.  The secret of Power Paper's ability to make your inkjet prints waterproof occurs on the molecular level.  It allows the ink droplets to more tightly bond with the surface than is possible with normal fiber-based papers.

Power Paper uses what can be simply described as an advanced "microporous" composition which aids the bonding process...making it far more difficult for a splashing of water to wrestle the ink (or toner) away from the page.

Power Paper:  What else does it do?
In addition to providing a thorough solution for waterproof papers, Power Paper is a well-rounded synthetic paper: tear-resistant, chemical and grease-resistant, a single-layered sheet, excellent printing quality especially for a synthetic paper, and it is very flexible for other post-printing operations such as laminating.

Product details:  found Inkjet Waterproof Papers or Laser Waterproof Papers

Ruff 'N Tuff, water-resistant paper...
       Fiber-based Print Quality  ·  Water-resistant  ·  Durable, Non-tear 
                   Compatibility:    Inkjet  ·  Laser  ·  Color Laser 

If the nature of your paper needs do not demand waterproof papers, then it is worth considering a less expensive, water-resistant synthetic paper called Ruff 'N Tuff.  It uses a layered-composition which includes a plastic-based layer and two fiber-based layers to provide a unique set of advantages.

"...the ideal water-resistant alternative to 
hi-performance waterproof papers."

The unique hybrid composition creates a very durable, water-resistant, non-tear paper, but without the necessity of giving up the superior print quality and soft, rich feel of traditional fiber-based paper.  Because of its exceptional print performance, Ruff 'N Tuff is the ideal water-resistant alternative to hi-performance waterproof papers.  

More information is available in the full article on water-resistant paper here.
Or for product details, refer the inkjet or laser Ruff 'N Tuff pages.


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