Successful Customer Weatherproof Paper Applications

Weatherproof Paper is a term most often used to describe synthetic papers and media which are designed to resist exposure to water.  Additional benefits may include resistance to dirt contamination as well as heavy or rough handling.

Weatherproof Paper in Real World Situations...

Waterproof Paper

We first discovered a real need among our customers for "weatherproof paper" when a telephone company began using our Power Paper for maintenance checklists with its on-call technicians.

This made sense because these employees were always working outdoors, regardless of the rain, and the onsite recordkeepingtasks could not be compromised.

Waterproof paper


A "weatherproof paper" implies waterproof properties, but a water-resistant alternative is also available.  In this case, the company eventually preferred to use the less expensive, water-resistant paper, Ruff N Tuff.  Ruff N Tuff is ideal for outdoor maintenance because it is still sufficiently water-resistant to insure the documents used would not be ruined or made illegible by incidental rain, or, perhaps, even the occasional coffee spill.

More Customer Applications . . .   

Some of the next applications we found our customers using weatherproof paper for was construction site documents, signs, and other outdoor labels.

Waterproof Paper

Also, outdoor signs in particular are a general category often requiring a truly waterproof paper, such as Power Paper.  Power Paper is also successfully being used for construction materials

pallets and skid markers as identifier labels to withstand 
the weather.  These items sit outside for days or weeks, 
inevitably in the rain, exposed to dust, and mud.

 Waterproof Paper


Waterproof Paper


  • Weatherproof Paper:  Success Factors

Durability of any weatherproof paper will vary depending on how

harsh the conditions.  But normal, outdoor environmental conditions from the weather are not the primary reason for a weatherproof paper to fail or prove to be unsatisfactory.  The type and quality of printer used to make your outdoor documents will have the greatest affect on the durability of the image,particularly for inkjet printers.

Waterproof paper

Ordering a trial pack (15 sheets) for testing before making a larger purchase is recommended, particularly if you are using an inkjet printer.  Certain types of inkjet printers may not perform as well on Power Paper, for example, if the ink does not bond well enough to the page.  This can have as much to do with the type of ink used in the printer as well as

with the inkjet printing method.

For laser printers, in general we found they create a more reliable image than inkjet printers by more effectively bonding to the sheet (true of both Power Paper and Ruff N Tuff).  

Continuing Range of Customer Applications...

waterproof paper

Some of the most interesting examples of where Power Paper is being used are with the U.S. military and several scientific laboratories.  These are for applications involving wet conditions and

Waterproof paper

submersion of documents into preservative chemicals for biological specimens.  

The most common customer application though is a straight forward resistance against incidental exposure to water.  For this, Power Paper and Ruff N Tuff are suitable options to consider under the general classification of a weatherproof paper.   

Unusual or Extreme!

Weatherproof Paper applications...

Power Paper accepts pen and pencil marks while underwater, as one customer found out (a biological scientific laboratory).  The pen gets destroyed though, after being submersed for too long! (Special submersible pen required.)

Waterproof paper

A couple of customers have used Power Paper as a fly fishingmaterial.  How? Sorry, but this is a bit too far off from anyone's experience here for us to really understand it (no one here does fly fishing).  Nevertheless, that's how the paper is being used!

These products are not specifically designed to stand up to exposure to the sun.  Fading may occur.  We recommend trying samples if this affects your application.  Also, Power Paper (both versions) will dry out and become brittle after long exposure in the sun. 

For more details on the characteristics of these 
papers refer to the product pages.  

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Waterproof paper

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Waterproof paper

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