Pre-Collated Paper

The evolution of carbon copies for your multi-part forms and invoices. Print 2, 3 and 4-part forms with zero mess and without the
carbonless chemicals.

Ruff-N-Tuff: Non-Tear Paper

A Technological Breakthrough: Real Paper as Strong as Plastic! This non-tear paper is uncoated and does not feel like plastic. It is tear-resistant, grease-resistant and water-resistant.

Inkjet Papers
Bright White 13x19 (164)
Rolls (J24B)
Matte Coated (176)
Laser Papers
Gloss (250)
Ruff-n-Tuff (101)
Power Paper (204)
Bright White (164-A3)
Collated Paper (219)
Plotter Papers
Non-Glossy (928)
Translucent Bond (929)
Vellum (930)